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I Am A Non-Person
Article by Alan Hill, N5BGC

I had final proof that I am not a real person this month.

Maggie and I have been going to the ham radio breakfast at the Pantry Restaurant for about 24 years. We started before we got married. We have seen new folks come and go and old folks die off. Some of the faithful are regular, but not as much as we are.

We go so much and have the same menu items that we just walk in and sit down. A few minutes later a waitperson brings us two hot cocoa with whipped cream and two orders of whole wheat toast – no menu or anything. Some new hams, seeing this, ask us if we ordered. We just say “No, they know what we are having”.

Since Maggie has started chemo treatments, she was told by the doctors that after it begins her white blood cells (the ones that fight off infections) will be at a low state and she should avoid crowds since there is a greater chance of getting something that will harm her. So, with that in mind, she skipped one of our Saturday morning trips to the breakfast. She told me to tell everyone hello and if they ask, just tell them whatever I deem prudent.

So, I get to the table and sit down. The waitress that has served us our hot coca for several months stops, gives me a menu and asks what I would like. I sort of look at her puzzled and say that I am the one who has hot cocoa and toast. A light comes on in her head and says that she didn’t recognize me since my wife wasn’t there.

I guess that proves my theory.

Alan N5BGC