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SFARC Club Repeaters
Article by Alan Hill, N5BGC

In November 2001, the Technical Committee, Jimm K5RWS, John KB5ZQE and Alan N5BGC, made what we hope is our last trip to Tesuque Peak for 2001. We believe that the repeater system is ready for the winter. If the winter is as easy as forecast, we may not have to go back until next May or June. If there are problems, we will have to ride the ski lift and walk the last 500 yards.

The antenna we installed last summer for the 146.82 repeater is still performing well. It is a 3 db gain antenna. We looked at the alignment of the duplexer and found it within spec.

In October, we moved the 442.825 UHF repeater to Tesuque Peak. We also tied the audio to the 146.82 machine. This allows them to be linked by DTMF tones. We came back about 2 weeks later and selected another place in the audio chain to tap the audio for better sound. We are happy with the audio quality now. Except for the absence of a squelch tail and courtesy beep, there is very slight difference in the audio with either input.

On November 11, we went back with a new 3 db gain UHF antenna and installed it slightly higher on the tower. It is at about the 35 foot level on the 60 foot tower. This antenna is a better and stronger one that we feel will survive the winter. It also has a some gain. Of course, an equivalent of a 5000 foot tall tower helps. Some of our tests in places we had troubles before, now work on low power with a portable.

The 147.20 machine at St. Vincent hospital needed some maintenance in November. Jimm checked the connections and after remaking the power and RF connections, the sensitivity improved. Since this is a very old General Electric machine, we have to do a receiver realignment at about 6 month intervals. This is not too unusual with these radios. It doesn't take much to put it back into shape. We have noticed some interference on this machine lately. It is probably time to give it a tune up.

Now all we need to do is use these machines.

2-meter repeaters. Set your radio to:
Receive on 146.820. Transmit offset -600 KHz. Set the transmit tone to 162.2 Hz. Do not enable the receive tone.

Receive on 147.200. Transmit offset +600 KHz. No tones required.

70 cm repeater. Set your radio to:
Receive on 442.825. Transmit offset +5 MHz. Set the transmit tone to 131.8 HZ. Do not enable the receive tone.